Winemaking team

Back in 2011, these two Argentine winemakers joined forces to give life to Cruzat sparkling wines.

lorena mulet

Together, they form a work team that understands that patience, passion for detail and shared effort are the key to getting positive results in the world of winemaking.

Pedro Rosell is known as one of Argentina’s most qualified experts in sparkling wine production, a career that has taken him to France to work at prestigious Champagne houses and offer his expertise and assistance to countless Argentine wineries and sparkling wine projects.

Lorena Mulet, on her part, a former student of Pedro’s at the School of Agronomy, has devoted her entire career to specializing in sparkling wines, a decision that has turned her into one of the 10 most prominent and promising young winemakers in Argentina.

Traditional method

The traditional method is the process of prompting a second in-bottle alcoholic fermentation in order to obtain sparkling wine.