The winery was founded in 2004 by a group of chilean businessmen and by argentine agricultural engineer and winemaker Pedro Federico Rosell.

A market that shows great potential and growth in the region.

Since the early days of the winery, our goal has been to make high quality sparkling wines for the high-end segment.

Initially, and in order to achieve our goal of making the highest quality sparkling wines, one of the priorities in the project was to find the most suitable location to plant vines and start building the winery.

This entailed selecting potential sites that would provide the perfect conditions: good altitude, good temperature and soils with good drainage.

Cruzat sparkling wines, elaborated using the traditional method of second in-bottle fermentation, reflect our permanent quest for excellence and our painstaking attention to detail throughout the winemaking process.

This is a product that combines tradition, know-how and technology in the hands of experts with a lifelong commitment to the production of Cruzat sparkling wines.


The tank room stands out for its modern and functional design, with ample space for easier and smoother winemaking processes.

The winery boasts a production capacity of 300,000 liters (79,250 US gallons) per year.

The winery’s underground cellars offer optimum temperature levels, which allow for the best quality standards in fermentation and aging.