The winery was founded in 2004 by a group of chilean businessmen and by argentine agricultural engineer and winemaker Pedro Federico Rosell.


Since the early days of the winery, our goal has been to make high quality sparkling wines for the high-end segment, a market that shows great potential and growth in the region.

Initially, and in order to achieve our goal of making the highest quality sparkling wines, one of the priorities in the project was to find the most suitable location to plant vines and start building the winery.

Passion and know-how in every detail

The talent to skillfully blend vintage wines, the excellence in the application of the traditional method, the balance between classic and modern—all of this is what defines our unique style at Cruzat.

Beyond a visit and tasting

Welcome to the place where the language of bubbles is spoken.

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Lorena Mulet

Together, they form a work team that understands that patience, passion for detail and shared effort are the key to getting positive results in the world of winemaking.

Winemaking team
Authentic, as every moment in your life

Cruzat sparkling wine is not meant for the perfect moment
It is the perfect moment.

By means of the traditional method, Cruzat aims at producing sparkling wines that are characterized by a fine, elegant and developed bouquet. This is a product that combines tradition, how-how and technology in the hands of a team with a lifelong commitment to the production of Cruzat sparkling wines.